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How the First Episode Center Helped Their Daughter

“The First Episode Center team developed a care plan individualized for her needs and her success. We felt they really had Elise’s health and well-being in their hearts and minds.”

In 2017, Elise Lampley graduated from the University of Kentucky with an engineering degree. Proud to become the first engineer in her family, she was eager to enter the workforce and start her first job. After moving home to Chicago for a few months, Elise received a job offer from a technology company in Chandler, Arizona. She packed her bags and drove with her family to Arizona to start this exciting next chapter.

After working several months, Elise began experiencing stress-related job issues and told her parents she was struggling. Like most parents, Lemone and Angela encouraged their daughter to persevere, hoping and assuming things would gradually improve. They did not. Lemone and Angela’s concerns increased after a FaceTime call when Elise did not look or act like herself.

“As a parent, you just know your children. Even though we were across the country, when I talked to our daughter that day and looked at her face, I could see something was wrong,” said Lemone. “Later that night, we received an urgent call from Elise, who was in extreme distress. That is where her brain health journey began.”

Over the next few days, Elise’s situation progressively worsened. After she put her hand through glass and 9-1-1 was called, Elise was hospitalized and eventually connected with the Valleywise Health First Episode Center.

“Having our child hospitalized in a medical and mental health crisis was stressful for us as a family, but Dr. Mosley and her staff were so helpful to Elise,” said Lemone.

For Dr. Aris Mosley, Medical Director of the Valleywise Health First Episode Center – Avondale, helping members recover is a family affair.

“What I tell families, typically during their first appointment, is the team is here to walk this journey with them,” said Dr. Mosley. “It’s going to be tough. Some days are going to be hard; there may be a lot of tears and fear and frustration, but it is our job to help them through it. We try to explain exactly what is going on in the brain and the importance of meeting the member where they are in that moment. Today they are going to be one place; next week it can be completely different. Whatever their needs are, we will be there.”

Since her initial treatment, the First Episode Center team continues to check in regularly with Elise. Together, they are focused on providing a comprehensive and cohesive plan to help Elise create a positive and fruitful future.

“At the First Episode Center, it’s not just one person taking care of your loved one, they have a team that works together. They showered our daughter with love along with the medical intervention she needed. I cannot say enough good things about what they’ve done for her and for us as a family,” Lemone said.

It’s been nearly six years since Elise and her family first walked through the doors of the First Episode Center. She has made a remarkable recovery and the Lampley family is forever grateful for the compassionate care she received.

“Thank you for this opportunity to share our story,” said Angela. “If it helps just one person… it will mean the world.”

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