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Addie’s Adventure Through Virtual Learning With Valleywise Health

Family Resource Centers

 Renee, a stay-at-home mom, found comfort and support at the Valleywise Health Family Resource Center in Chandler for her two young children, Miles and Addie. Their lives took an unexpected turn when Addie was diagnosed with Cavernous Malformations which are made up of abnormal clusters of blood vessels in the brain. She required multiple brain surgeries between the ages of two and five.

The Family Resource Center became a saving grace for the family. Even though it was a 30-minute drive from Queen Creek, they received all the necessary materials to participate in classes remotely.

The virtual classes allowed Addie to engage in subjects like science, reading and cooking, fostering her love for learning without the need to leave home. Additionally, the center provided opportunities for Miles to express himself as a kid, despite everything his older sister was going through.

With Renee as the primary caregiver and Addie requiring extensive therapy sessions, they relied on the resources offered to keep the kids active and engaged at home.

“Music together is perfect because she’s having to use both hands to use the instruments or to clap so it is great for her for physical therapy. She’s getting those dance moves which the rehabilitation doctor said was the best thing she could do.”

Although she is in and out of doctor appointments and physical therapy, Addie has thrived in her accelerated preschool program! “We work with her at home, but it’s thanks to the foundation and the strategies that we’ve learned through the center,” Renee said. Through her early exposure to songs, zoo animals and science classes, Addie developed a strong love for science. The center also allows parents like Renee to connect, share experiences and gain parenting tips that help them navigate the challenges of raising young children.

“There is so much (they do to help) it’s not just the classes, it’s everything they do to take care of the entire family and everything the child needs. It has been a lifesaver for us with everything we’re going through,” Renee said.

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