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Family Resource Center Programs Benefit Entire Family

For Lily Zamora and her two children, Valleywise Health Family Resource Center (FRC) – Phoenix offers experiences and programs she would not be able to afford on her own.

Son Kai, age five, and daughter Mia, age 10, have benefitted from the FRC curriculum for the past four years, taking part in art, music and fitness classes, as well as child development programs.

“The best thing about the FRC is hard to pick,” said Lily. “These types of classes are so expensive. We would never be able to afford them if it weren’t for Valleywise Health – especially for two kids – so it is really amazing that we get to participate here without having to deal with the added strain on our family budget.”

The FRC is a safe space to find free community support services. Each location across the Valley offers a variety of learning options for people of all ages. From reading programs to nutrition classes, all activities are designed to benefit participant’s individual needs. Plus, every staff member at the Family Resource Centers is bilingual in English and Spanish, so clients can find the support they need without any language barriers.

For the Zamora family, the FRC is especially valuable during the summer months.

“It is super convenient and has absolutely everything the kids need, especially in the summertime when it is kind of rough for parents to find things to entertain their kids,” said Lilly. “It’s really helpful for parents who don’t have childcare when school is out.”

In addition to classes at the Family Resource Center, Kai and Mia also received backpacks and school supplies from Valleywise Health to start the school year off on the right foot. These supplies are provided each year by community partners and volunteers across the Valley and benefit students in Maricopa County’s most vulnerable communities.

“When its back-to-school time, it is really helpful to get backpacks to have a successful year,” said Lily.

“We wouldn’t be able to get these supplies because it is so pricey, especially this year. My kids have so much fun picking out their own backpacks filled with all new school supplies.”

The Family Resource Centers are focused on ensuring families across the Valley have access to the community resources they need to live their happiest, healthiest lives. From exceptional healthcare to community support and family activities, these are the things that make life great for all families, regardless of their socioeconomic standing.

“What I really love about the FRC is the uninterrupted quality time I get to spend with my kids,” Lily added. “At home, I am torn between so many things – cooking, cleaning, working – but here I get to just focus on my family and that means the world to me.”

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