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Arizona Charitable Tax Credit

The Arizona Charitable Tax Credit allows a single filer to donate up to $400 and a couple filing jointly to donate up to $800 and receive credit back when you file your Arizona state taxes.

Valleywise Health Foundation is a Qualified Charitable Organization (QCO) – code 20047. Any donations made to Valleywise Health Foundation are eligible for the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit on Form 321.

For example, if an individual owes $1,000 to the state in tax liability and donates $400 to a QCO, they will owe a remaining balance of $600.

For questions or more information, please consult your tax professional.

Make a lasting impact

Your gift fuels the mission of Valleywise Health, Arizona’s public teaching health system serving Maricopa County for nearly 150 years.

Thank you for your commitment to building a healthier Arizona.

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