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We raise money to support the Valleywise Health mission – exceptional care, without exception, every patient every time – regardless of the neighborhood you live in or your ability to pay. 

Learn more about how we supported Valleywise Health in 2022.

Valleywise Health Foundation Programs

Valleywise Health Foundation is ALL IN supporting these unique Valleywise Health Programs serving all of the Valley.

Burn Survivorship Care

The Arizona Burn Center – Valleywise Health is among the largest academic burn centers in the nation and Arizona’s nationally verified adult and pediatric burn center serving the entire Southwest. 

Modern new facilities are planned, yet our vision for world-class wellness and burn survivorship care calls for more. Your support puts that vision in reach.


Caring for Mind & Body

More than 70% of patients cared for by Valleywise Health live in underserved communities and are financially insecure. This is our reality as a community-based hospital. We meet these challenges head on and work to provide the level of dignity, respect and care every human being deserves. Our initiatives include Health Education, Preventative Care, Refugee Health Services, Integrated Behavioral Health and more.


Education / Endowing the Future

As the Valley’s public teaching health system, we not only recognize the rapidly-changing needs of our community, we understand the challenges of practicing medicine in the 21st Century. Our focus is to prepare future generations of healthcare professionals with an unparalleled learning experience in a compassionate, innovative, team-based training environment.


Making a lasting impact

Isabella was involved in a horrible accident that resulted in over 65% of her body badly burned. Her indelible spirit coupled with 9 months of treatment at the Arizona Burn Center led to the miracle of Isabella walking out as one of our many inspirational survivors.

Thanks to the funding and support for the Arizona Burn Center, patients like Isabella can continue their life beyond the trauma of a devastating burn injury.


“We dare to dream and imagine a future where the medical needs of all are met and our community is able to thrive.”
– Jim and Robin Guthrie

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