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Azizi Family’s Path to Belonging with Valleywise Health

Refugee Family

For many families, like the Azizi family, their journey to resettlement was full of obstacles and barriers. Roya, a resilient and loving mother, fled from Afghanistan a year and a half ago, seeking refuge for her and her four children. They were one of the few families who were chosen to fly out of Afghanistan and begin a new life.

The Azizi family consists of four boys, ages 16, 12, 10, and a young 2-year-old. Their youngest was just a few months old when they had to suddenly leave Afghanistan due to the Taliban’s takeover.

One of the hardest transitions for the family was getting adjusted to American culture and interacting day to day with new people. They also didn’t have transportation when they first arrived and had to learn how to maneuver public transportation in a new city without knowing the language. Thankfully, they eventually settled into their new home and established the children into school, secured a car for the family and for the first time – established a primary care physician.

The oldest of the Azizi children, Edris, is an incoming high school sophomore. He embraced his new life in the United States with enthusiasm, loving school, making friends and learning English. Edris played a vital role in their family’s transition, often acting as a translator for his mom, Roya, and helping his younger siblings adjust.

Three months ago, Edris was hit by a car while riding his bike to the store. He broke his arm and was treated in the emergency department at Valleywise Health. The healthcare professionals treated him with empathy and compassion, helping him heal not only physically but also emotionally.

As a parent, Roya’s heart sank when she saw her son Edris injured and in pain after the accident. In that moment, her worries and fears for her children’s safety surged, wondering how they would pay for his care and treatment. Thankfully, the Azizi family had already set up a primary care physician with Valleywise Health and knew where to go in their time of need. The emergency department doctors and nurses reassured Roya her son was in good hands. It was a pivotal moment, where Roya felt a deep appreciation for the welcoming community that had embraced them, understanding they were not alone.

The doctors, nurses and cultural health navigators went above and beyond to ensure Edris would recover quickly. Since Edris’ bike accident, the entire family returns to Valleywise Health for care. The family is deeply grateful for the support and kindness they have experienced, knowing they are safe and embraced by a caring community at Valleywise Health.

“I am very comfortable here in Arizona. I like to go to school and hang out with my friends. I enjoy going to the park with my brothers. I am very grateful to be safe here in the United States and for all the care my family has received at Valleywise Health.” – Edris

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