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Herbert Johnson Louis, MD
Faculty and Resident Education Endowment

An initiative dedicated to achieving clinical excellence through a comprehensive curriculum tailored to empower personal development and embrace a holistic approach to medicine.

The Art of Medicine

Under Dr. Louis’s leadership from 1973 to 1986, the orthopedic residency at Valleywise Health (formerly known as Maricopa County Hospital) taught the “Art of Medicine” skills. Dr. Louis didn’t want to just graduate skilled surgeons, he wanted to send doctors out into their community who would embody clinical excellence, compassionate care, and community conscience. He developed doctors who would make a difference in their communities.

Graduate medical education programs, like those at Valleywise Health, have swung so far towards the purely scientific or technical aspects of medicine that the faculty and residents have lost much of the intangible elements such as empathy, compassion, intuition, and communication skills in their practice. Today, the Herbert Johnson Louis, MD Faculty and Resident Education Endowment will provide additional focus and training around the “Art of Medicine” in graduate medical education.

Clinical Excellence

The Louis Endowment Residency Education Program will provide space for authentic interactions and relationships foundational to developing true physician leaders. Through a focus on one-on-one interactions between faculty and residents, young doctors understand the implications of what they’re doing, helping them see the bigger picture.

Compassionate Care

Physicians learn how to develop and foster genuine and trusted relationships with their patients, their family, their peers, and with their community.

Community Conscience

The program will help physicians embody the mindsets and behaviors they need to lead positive change in themselves, their teams and their communities.

A Holistic Approach to Developing Well-Rounded Physicians

While humanities have been increasingly incorporated into undergraduate medical education, their inclusion in graduate medical education remains limited. Expanding humanities in residency and fellowship programs can reinforce and build upon the foundations laid during medical school, ensuring these crucial competencies are carried forward into clinical practice, much like Dr. Louis embodied throughout his leadership in the Phoenix medical education community.


Enhance empathy, communication, and interpersonal skills vital for effective patient care.


Develop tolerance for ambiguity and the ability to grapple with complex ethical dilemmas.


Gain deeper insights into the human condition, including experiences of illness, suffering, and healing.


Understand the sociocultural, historical, and political contexts that shape health outcomes and healthcare delivery.

Your Gift Today Impacts Tomorrow

Our new teaching spaces and programs are designed, and with you, we can make this vision for expanded training excellence in Arizona a reality.

Advanced Medical Education

Funding will assist our medical residents, nurses, and other health professionals with continuing education, research opportunities, advanced skills training, and more.

State-of-the-Art Simulation Lab

Advancements in simulation training let students learn in realistic team-based settings, resulting in improved communication skills, increased patient safety, and better patient outcomes.

The Herbert Johnson Louis MD Faculty and Resident Education Program at Valleywise Health will mentor and coach faculty, offering opportunities for residents to enhance their education through individual coaching, guest speakers, and social events. The program will be led by a DMG Physician Endowed Director and will be iterative to accomplish the stated goals. The Herbert Johnson Louis, MD Endowment will fund the program in perpetuity.

For more information on how to support the Louis Endowment, contact Kate Fassett, Chief Advancement Officer.


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