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From Patient to Advocate: Noah’s Story of Resilience at Valleywise Health

Program Coordinator & Patient
Valleywise Community Health Center – McDowell

Noah’s journey with Valleywise Health began in 2010 when he received a sudden, life-altering HIV diagnosis. He had recently moved to Phoenix looking for a fresh start and the challenges of living in a new city with a newly diagnosed chronic health condition were not part of his plan.

Luckily, he found community and empowerment within the walls of the Valleywise Community Health Center – McDowell. The compassionate staff at the McDowell Clinic provided not only medical care but also educated and supported him through his journey. “I grew more comfortable and confident with my diagnosis and it ultimately inspired me to help those in similar situations,” Noah said.

Noah’s gratitude for the exceptional care he received motivated him to join the McDowell Clinic team as a program coordinator in 2019. In this role, he meets with recently diagnosed patients, offering them crucial support, education and connections to community resources. This holistic approach to HIV care is designed to help patients achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle despite their diagnosis.

The stigma surrounding HIV continues to be a challenging issue within our communities. However, Noah is a living testament that individuals with HIV can lead healthy and fulfilling lives by adhering to their treatment and engaging in their healthcare. “I love that I can bring my passion to a place of work that shares my dedication and desire to help others,” Noah said.

Valleywise Health was one of the first healthcare institutions in the state to care for HIV patients. Thanks to people like Noah, we’re making progress in the stigma attached to HIV patients and educating our community on the diagnosis.

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