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Meet Thamela

Pediatric Emergency Department

 Thamela Brown, a Navajo Nation member, recalls her family’s journey to Phoenix when her uncle suffered a life-threatening gunshot wound. Arriving at Valleywise Health, she noticed the Pediatric Emergency Room sign and expressed her desire to work there due to her love for children.

Thamela vividly remembers her uncle’s ICU room, filled with medical equipment and noise. Despite her initial shock, she appreciated the exceptional care and compassion provided by the medical staff.

Inspired by her uncle’s recovery and the outstanding care he received, Thamela pursued a career at Valleywise Health. She worked in the Pediatric Department for four years, followed by eight years in the Pediatric Emergency Room, fulfilling her dream. The department later merged with the Adult Emergency Department due to COVID, where she continues to work. Thamela plans to pursue her dream of becoming a nurse in the future.

Thamela’s dedication to her work at Valleywise has not only benefited her but also inspired her two daughters, who received full-ride scholarships to ASU. Her uncle’s miraculous recovery and appreciation for the care he received played a significant role in her decision to work at Valleywise Health, a place she holds in high regard.

“We arrived here at Valleywise Health (MIHS at the time), we entered through the south entrance. On the ceiling, I remember seeing a black sign with white lettering that read, “Pediatric Emergency Room ” and I said, “mom look, I would love to work here”, I remember looking at my father and he gave me a heartfelt smile. My love for children only made sense.”

”Every nurse, every provider, anyone who made contact with him showed compassion. The gratitude was so comforting, especially in explaining relevant information to my parents. Healthcare providers being honest, with open communication, while engaging them in every concern, answering all their questions and acknowledging any concerns that they might have had was also comforting. Their commitment to patient care was recognized. I knew from that point that my uncle was in good hands and he was getting the best care possible. What I witnessed here at Valleywise made me feel I could fit right in.”

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