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The loyal donors supporting Valleywise Health – making the work we do possible.


$5,000+ LEVEL

Lorenzo Alexander ACES Foundation
Mary Dewane and Joe Anderson
Susan Baum and Honorable Redfield Baum, Sr.
Honorable Betsey Bayless
Lydia and Phillip Bell
Lee J. Benson
Bidstrup Foundation
Julie Bowe and Brian Berry
Chris Boyles
John B. Brewer
Christy and Daryl Burton
Kristen Campbell
Deborah Carstens
Ashley and Darren Case
Gene Cavallo
Changed by Fire
Lia Christiansen and Matt Benson
Drs. Kote and Rupa Chundu
Cowley Family Foundation
Matthew B. Cunningham, PC
Wendy and Mark Dewane
Diane and Bruce Halle Foundation
Carol and David Eaton
Colleen and James Edwards
Ede Whiteman Family
Suzanne and Carter Emerson
Evans Charitable Foundation
Laurie and Budd Florkiewicz
Scott Foreman
Susan and Kevin Foster, MD

Juanita and Phil Francis
Katie and Greg Gale
Garcia Family Foundation
Burns Family Foundation – Patti Gentry
Laurie and Charles Goldstein, MD
Stephanie and Adam Goodman
Kathleen and John Graham
Joyce Graham
Nancy and John Hoopes
Cathy and William Hurtle
Leanor and William Johnson, MD
Ellen and Howard Katz
Kemper & Ethel Marley Foundation
Krumwiede Lewis Family Foundation
Jan and Tom Lewis
Amy and Timothy Louis
Sherry L. Lund
Vicki and Simer Mayo
Shari and Erik Miller
Carole and Arte Moreno
Robert A. Myers, MD
Cheryl and Jahm Najafi
Tammy Yohe and Jason Nelson
Diane and Patrick O’Malley
Aleka and Tim O’Neil
Rebecca Pierson and Frederick Pakis
Mr. Bart Patterson
Jaye and Barry Perricone
Shar Najafi-Piper and Brian Piper
Pivotal Foundation/F. Francis and Dionne Najafi
Bill Pope

Mary Kay and William Post
Mary Anne and Stephen A. Purves
Weezie and David Reese
Rizing Tide Foundation
Rob and Melani Walton Foundation
Robert Kemper Corrigan Foundation
Roots & Wings Foundation
Patricia Rose
Lois and Stephen Savage
Sara and Steve Schramm
Judith and Bill Schubert
Douglas G. Smith
Katie and Slade Stewart
Sherry Stotler, RN
Anne C. Stupp
Traci and James Swanson
Julia and Michael Tarver
The Saguaros
Stacy Wilson and Neal Thomas
Kristen and John VanDenburgh
Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust
Vogel Family Charitable Trust
Marci Zimmerman-White and Michael White
Jolene and Michael White, MD
Marcia Scott and Warren Whitney
Dawn and Steve Whitworth
Gretchen and Bradley Wilde
Dane Wood
Megan and Charles Wosaba


$2,500+ LEVEL

Liz Agboola
Claire and Mike Agnew
Lisa Andrus and Saro Hayan
Christine and John Augustine
Jasmine Barker
Daniel Bouchard
Michelle Bowdren
Kelly and Mark Bramlett
John Briney
Kirsten and Charles Brown
Susan and Paul Charlton
Renee and Mike Clarke
Rebecca Clayton Hoyt and Gregory Hoyt
Dean Coonrod, MD
Amanda and Michael De Los Reyes
Robyn and Michael DeBell
Melanie Sanguinetti and Martin Demos
Robert Dixon, MD
Keri and Manuel Eisenberg
Feinstein Family Fund
Victor Flores

Denise M. Gutierrez
Mary A. Harden, RN
Barbara and William Harding
Lisa and Jerry Hartsock
John Higley
Dan Hobohm, MD
Alysse and Dan Hrey
John F. Long Foundation
Pam and David Kolbe
Jill Krigsten
Robert Lavinia
Mari and Evan Lederman, MD
Candace Lew, MD
Susannah and Mark Livingston
Nathan Lowrie and Harmony Fulton
Deila and Carl Mangold
Priscilla and Kevin McDonnell
Jean and Jim Meenaghan
Roselyn and Scott Meyer
Deborah and Dan Nelson
Alicia and Jorge Nuñez
Erin Wiedmeier-Nutor, MD and Sel Nutor

Michelle and Michael O’Connor
Carol Olson, MD
Carolyn Pendergast
Susan Pepin, MD and Anthony Dietz
Kim and Phil Petersen
Julie Piccione and DJ Salafia
Karrie and James Pierson, III
Eric Robison
Hang Vuong and Albert Roh, MD
Bethany and Jay Spector, CFP
Katya Spielberg
Martha Steiner
Pamela Stelzer
Cheryl Sucato
Teach for America
The Lockton Family Foundation
Hiral Tipirneni, MD and Kishore Tipirneni, MD
Ross Vroman
Danielle and John Werstler
Darla and David Wisinger, MD


$1,000+ LEVEL

Tracy and Richard Adams
April and Jose Aguiñaga
Erum N. Ali, MD
Matthew Allen
Geoff Anderla
Nancy and Patrick Andler
Shellie Andreen
Naftaly Attias, MD
Maria Jesus Bailon, MD
Sherrie Beardsley
Kathleen and Michael Benaquista
Ethan Bindelglas, MD
Rebecca Birr
Molly Bland
Lita Bollimpalli
Alice Bongers
Heather and Jason Boysel
David Brodkin, MD
Susan and Richard Burnham
Elizabeth Bussone
Susan Byrd
Monnie and Martin Calfee, III
Joo Cantor
Amanda and Chris Carnal
Carly and Todd Case
Pamela and Jim Chamberlain
Linda Chambliss, MD
Heather Clarke
Donna Cleinman
Kathleen and Jeffrey Cohn
Betty Coleman
Ronnie Collins
Marianne Connolly
Alyssa Crockett
Hilen Cruz
Gina and Chris Curry
William Dachman, MD
Beth Darling, DO
Taylor David
Davis Family Fund
Jori Davis
Robert de Villiers
Clarina Dela Cruz
DelFranco Family Fund
Debora and Timothy DeMore
Jo-el and Jeffrey Detzel
Sara Dial
Sara and Brent Donaldson
Sher Downing, PhD and Tim Downing
Karie and Richard Dozer
Lawrence Drewsen
Anthony Dunnigan, MD
Diane and John Eckstein, MD
Rochelle and Brandon Eggleston
Cathy Ellington
Christine and Howard Epstein
Christine and John Farling
Kate and Jeff Fassett
Jean and the late Bob Fitzer
Raegan and Luke Ford
Max Fose
Vern Foutz
Nancy Freelin-Woods
Tracy and Jeffrey Freundlich
Michael Fronske
Jennifer Frost and Bob Gilson
Susan and John Fulton
Joy and Michael Gallante
Crystal and Carlos Garcia
Julie and Neil Garcia
Sheila Gately, MD
Scott Gauthier
Kris Gaw
Brenda A. Gentz, MD
Sue and Philip Gerard
Ronald and Susan Geren, MD
Celsius-Kit Gesmundo, MD
Thomas Gillespie
Heather and Phil Glenn
Ross Goldberg, MD
Sara Gordon
Somer Goss
Patricia Graham, MD
Jennifer Granger
Shawna Green
Jen and Dan Gridley, MD
Brooke Guzman

Patricia Habak, MD and William DeHaan
Charlton Haerter
Joanne and Mark Halberg
Victoria and Grant Hamill
Ellen Hand, MD and Samuel Hand, MD
Sharon and Oliver Harper, MD
Jill and Brian Hegardt
Whitney and Benton Heglie
Sheri Heitner-Anderson
Deborah Helitzer and David Sklar, MD
Lisa and Robin Henderson
Suzanne Hensing
Carolyn and C. David Hetrick
Benée Hilton-Spiegel and Jay Spiegel, DDS
Lene’ Hudson
Julie Schmoker and Will Humble
Vin Jain
Heidi Jannenga
Bryan Jeffries
Katie and Jeff Jensen
Karis and Michael Johnson
Patricia Johnson
Crista Johnson-Agbakwu, MD
Jennifer and Brian Joiner
Renee and Craig Jones
Nancy Kaminski
Jamie Kimmel Schaub
Jill King
Portia and Sondra King, RN
Karen King-Brooks
John Kingsley, MD
Kathleen and Jeffrey Kirkland
Shauna Kisicki
Ann and Greg Denk
Eli L. Kogan
Craig and Melissa Kotrys
Julie LaCroix
Suresh Lal, MD
Lynn Lancaster
Brian Landauer
Maja and John Langbein
Richard J. Latsko, Jr.
Lisa LaVoie and Charles Kocmich
Honorable Alicia Lawler
Jocelyn Leano
Elizabeth Leggitt
Debbie Levin Jardot and Leo Jardot
Tiffany and Joshua Lewis, MD
Kathleen V. Lindsay
Dana and John MacDonald
Tara and Kevin MacKenzie
Ina and Murray Manaster
George Maney
Tracy Marvelle
David Matthews
Maryann and Adam Mays
Aubrey Maze, MD
Gibson McKay
Shawn R. McMahon, MD
Anne McNamara, RN, PhD
Sarah Mendoza
Julie Meshanko
Sierra and Parker Milldebrandt
Monica and Mark Miller
Melissa Monheit
Jason Morris
Mikala Morris
Melissa Mullard
Danielle Munoz
Derek Murray and Sandra Snead
Caroline and John Musil
Mary Beth and Richard Mutarelli
Runjhun Nanchal
Stephanie Navarro
Michele and Kevin Neal
Aletha and Michael Neill
Stephanie Nelson
Stephanie and Ed Olsen
Carolyn and Mark O’Malley
Robin Ormsby
Joy Othites
Robinson M. Overly

Elena Pack
Anna Marie Palumbo
Peter Pascu
Chetna and Chandrakant Patel, MD
Duane Patterson
Veronica and Sheriff Paul Penzone
Michele Pino
Kamala Premkumar, MD and Arcot Premkumar, MD
Becky and Doug Pruitt
Christy Pylman
Asia Quan, PharmD and Dan Quan, MD
Steven Rajakovich
Raymond A. Lamb Foundation
Kevin Rhode
Stephen Richman
Karen and Doug Riley
Denise Robbins
Sharon and Christian Roe
Nancy Rowles
Ben Runkle
Mary Jane Rynd
Hildy Saizow
Deanna Salazar
Mehrdad Saririan, MD and Baharak Tabarsi, MD
Nicholas Scutari
Susan and Charles Shields
Jeffrey E. Shiffra
Marcella C. Simpson
Shanna and Lanford Slaughter, Jr.
Laurie and Jeffrey Smith
Judith Smith
Mark Smith
Charley and John Socey, DO
Shabnam Sood, MD
Vicki Staples
Alanna Stelzer
James Stelzer
James Stover
Linda and Larry Stuckey
Karen and Kelly Summers
Faye and Tom Tait, Jr.
Melanie Lynn Talbot
Yvette Tanner
Martha Teeman
Claudia and Jeffrey Teetsel
Lauri and Eric Termansen
Janet M. Tierney
Mark Tiscornia
Ann Linsenbach-Tomes and James Tomes
Lydia Torio, MD
Chaplain Gail Torres
Tri Sigma Phoenix Alumnae Chapter
Collee Tucker
Steven J. Twist
Susan and Nigel Upton
Nancy Velarde-Franks
Estil Wallace
Isaac Walraven
Jarvis Walters
Sunshine Reinken Watson
Chris Watts
Thomas Wertin
Susan and John Willars
Gail Williams
Melody Williams
Sara Wilson
Barbara and Larry Winter
Reine Yazbeck Hamilton and Eric Hamilton
Eleanor Zeigler
Tracey and Jeff Zemer
Frank Zimmerman
Lena Zimmerman
Shaunna Zoeckler


A.R. Mays Construction
Arizona Central Credit Union
Arizona Coyotes Foundation
Arizona Diamondbacks Foundation
Ballard Spahr
Beck Legacy Group
Blue Cottage of CannonDesign
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona
BrewerWood PLLC
Care Plans for Life, LLC
Chicanos Por La Causa
Child’s Play Charity
Clear Title Agency of Arizona, LLC
Compass One Healthcare
CopperPoint Mutual Insurance Company
Cove Communities
Cuningham Group Architecture
DBJ Enterprises LLC
Desert Diamond Casino
District Medical Group
East Valley Firefighter Charities
Elite Flight Training

Epic Systems Corp.
Gila River Resorts & Casinos
Goodmans Interior Structures
Hanger Clinic
Hilgart Wilson
HOH Investment Group LLC
Integra Life Sciences
K2 Adventures Foundation
Lockton Risk Finance Team
Lovitt & Touché
Marisol Federal Credit Union
Mednax Health Solutions Partner
Mercy Maricopa Integrated Care
Molina Healthcare
Mountain West Series of Lockton Companies, LLC
Murphy Cordier Casale Axel PLC
North Star Commercial Real Estate Advisors
Nova Home Loans

Nunez Law Firm, PLLC
NXP Semiconductor
PHI Air Medical
PolyNovo North America, LLC
Priority Ambulance, LLC
Progressive Roofing
ReThinc Advertising
Salt River Project
Skingenix, Inc.
Strategic Risk Solutions
Sunstate Equipment
telaGen West, LLC
The Construction Zone
Tiffany & Bosco, P.A.
The Private Client Reserve of U.S. Bank
Urgo Medical
Vanir Construction Management, Inc.
VanTrust Real Estate
Vericel Corporation
Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.

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